From 3d Model to pixels: A detailed walk through the rendering process

Saturday November 21, Lamington Lounge, 14:00 AEDT

This talk will deconstruct each step from your 3D modelling software to rendering on screen. The breakdown will focus on how game engines use the data you create and how you can turn that to your advantage at each stage.

No programming knowledge needed and will be useful to coders and Artists alike.

Edward Blanch - @techarted

Edward Blanch has been a member of the Melbourne games community for a number of years working on a variety of titles on Mobile, PC, and Console. With a background in Architecture, he brings a blend of art, shader, and code to help bring fantasy environments to life.

He is currently the Art Director/Technical Artist for Tin Man Games working on titles like Warhammer Underworlds Online and Table of Tales.

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