About Technically Games

Technically Games is a community-run event designed to sit alongside and augment the time honoured game development conferences already happening in Australia.

We aim to provide a platform for all things technical in games: programming, art, security, and more. Our focus is in the craft of making games, from engines that make things run, the animation that breathes life into characters, and everything in between.

Made by game developers for game developers, we want to offer a safe space where students and professionals of all levels can convene, collaborate and share knowledge.

Our core tenets are:

Technically Games Team


Ben Naulls - @noWeekend

Lilly Ryan - @attacus_au

Luis Van Slageren - @luisvsm

Bea Bravo - @beabravo


Bea Bravo - @beabravo

Safety Team

Lilly Ryan - @attacus_au

Chad Toprak - @MrChad

Issy Pattison - @snow_gumnut

Bea Bravo - @beabravo

Volunteer Crew Members

Avi Dawson Moore - @EqualzDee

Anna Tito - @MythicalC

Jarryd Worland - @JarrydWorland

Nathaniel Bott - @natbott

Andrew Smith - @andysauraus

Chris "Chrispy" Poermandya - @ChrispyDesign

Norris Wu - @wu_norris

Rhiannon Rose - @Beautiepie1

Aspen Forster - @aspenforster

Jack Wilson - @t_jackwilson

Special thanks for guidance & mentoring

Alexander Swords - @swordsnarrative

Lauren Clinnick - @laurclinn

Iain Dickson - @wan0net

Chad Toprak - @MrChad

Matt Ditton - @mattditton

Jim Batt - @battsignal

Jack Skinner - @developerjack and the @azureadvocates team