Running A Live Battle Royale On A $0 Budget

Saturday November 21, Tim Tam Slam Arena, 11:00 AEDT

When my friend and I built a silly online HTML5 multiplayer game as an open-source side project — Flappy Royale is a 100-player battle royale version of Flappy Bird — we didn’t expect it to go viral. But when we found ourselves going from 0 to nearly 200,000 daily users in just three days, we also found ourselves facing equivalently huge server stability issues and server costs.

This talk will walk through our journey rearchitecting Flappy Royale’s backend services, and what we learned building a low-cost, low-maintenance backend for a live HTML5 multiplayer game without a dedicated operations team.

Em Lazer-Walker - @lazerwalker

Em is a Toronto-based artist/engineer who makes interactive art, experimental games, and open-source tools to empower creativity.

Most of her work focuses on using nontraditional interfaces to reframe everyday objects and spaces as playful experiences and to inspire people to become self-motivated learners.

She currently works as a cloud advocate at Microsoft focused on games and spatial computing.

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