Previsualization - Prototyping Trailers in 3D

Saturday November 21, Lamington Lounge, 16:00 AEDT

The traditional workflow for creating that all too important trailer usually starts at the storyboarding phase through to a fully rendered CG movie.

By working with game assets in 3D, a trailer can be rapidly prototyped and tested, speeding up your production and giving you the freedom to create the trailer that tells your story.

Daniel Cohn - @ConneD_GameS

Daniel Cohn is a professional visual effects artist, game designer, and film director with a passion for storytelling.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Daniel’s journey has taken him across the globe where he has honed his skills as a CG artist and a storyteller to specialize in the art of previsualisation. With a career spanning 13 years working at top VFX studios and credits on award winning feature films and television shows, Daniel constantly innovates and evolves his style, combining story craft and technology to tell meaningful stories in the most effective manner.

Daniel has shot and directed several short films and directed theatre,has published several games, and is always excited about the next good story.

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