Bipedal animation on uneven surfaces

Saturday November 21, Tim Tam Slam Arena, 11:30 AEDT

This is a collection of techniques for animating a bipedal character in a 2D platforming environment, and in particular for dealing with challenges associated with irregular platform shapes, slopes, and step heights.

These techniques are the result of research undertaken as part of Creative Victoria's Creators Fund.

Finn Morgan - @SnakeHillGames

Finn first started programming without knowing what it was, when he accidentally started studying computer science in 2002. A few years after that he realised that it could be used to make games, and has been doing that either as work or a hobby ever since.

He has a particular interest in graphics programming, and in bringing fancy graphics to the world of 2D gaming. Nowadays he mostly makes games for fun, while teaching programming at AIE, Melbourne.

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